The Growth Alchemist

As a high functioning woman with ADHD, it can be all too easy to feel like an imposter in a world that values organisation, productivity, and conformity above all else.

Is this you?

So much potential, but all trapped behind your brain's paywall...

Again?! It almost feels like you are burning out every 6 months. Sensory overload is becoming a daily struggle. Focus? It vanished from your dictionary, never to be found again. Only on those rare occasions where you use a year’s worth in a couple of weeks, only to have to recharge your focus battery for the next year. At work, you struggle to get your things done, even the projects that you do like. Sleep? What’s that? You either sleep too little because your brain just can’t shut up or you have to drag yourself out of bed even after a solid 8 hours.
But that’s not all, right?

How amazing would you feel if you could turn ADHD from your biggest challenge into your greatest superpower?


  • unlocking your full potential by developing self-awareness and identifying your unique talents, allowing you to leverage your ADHD strengths and achieve greater success in all areas of your life.
  • feeling confident and empowered.
  • learning effective strategies to thrive with ADHD
  • creating an environment that works for you, with accommodations and adaptations that support your ADHD needs
  • Imagine feeling less anxious and stressed by developing self-acceptance and practicing self-compassion
  • Imagine feeling confident to communicate your needs and wants related to your ADHD

Who's that girl, it's Ro